The newly revamped PowerPoint template is used for internal as well as external presentations. It provides master slides for three areas:

  • Content eta plus
  • Chapter markers
  • Main visuals

Use of master slides

Content eta plus

Several layouts are available for the presentation of content in the form of texts, images and graphics.

Chapter markers

Chapter markers are used to draw the audience’s attention to a different topic. Four different colour variations are available.

Main visuals

A selection of different main visuals can be used to switch to product- and application-specific topics.

Good presentations...

  • …feature an agenda that allows the audience to identify different concepts
  • …have very little text – no more than 6 bullet points
  • …are clearly structured
  • …are presented freely – the text serves as “keyword lead”
  • …focus on the essential elements
  • … are tailored to the target group (audience) and use accessible language
  • …use pictures and graphics to illustrate the issue – “a picture paints a thousand words”

Business stationery

Business cards

The business cards are both-sided printed on matt 450 g chromo-sulphate cardboard in 85 x 55 mm format. On the back, the logo is covered with a glossy relief varnish – excluding the logotype "A METZ HOLDING COMPANY".



The letterhead is used for all business correspondence. In addition, the first page of important documents such as general terms and conditions, safety instructions or technical documentation is placed on the letterhead. All following pages contain only the brand bar of the main letterhead as a style element.


Flyers & brochures

Design templates are available for print advertising media such as flyers and brochures, but also for technical documentation. They are based on the design of the business stationery – the centred position of the logo in the head area and the colour bars in the foot of the document.

Job advertisements

You can choose from three different designs for job advertisements (Word template).

The advertisements are structured according to a consistent scheme and contain the following information:

  1. Logo    
  2. Main visual
  3. Reference to Metz Holding
  4. Job title, displayed in the yellow-green bar
  5. Company description
  6. Job description (Field of activity, Qualification, We offer)
  7. Contact us


A selection of new flag designs is available for eta plus. Make sure that the flags damaged by weathering are replaced regularly.