The eta plus logo is the primary originator for all internal and external communication media. It has promotional character and its primary use is for brochures, banners, promotional gifts etc. For all formal and business media the logo appears in conjunction with the logotype “A METZ HOLDING COMPANY“.

eta plus


The logo is centered in the header area of a page whenever possible.

Clear space

The letter “e” defines the surrounded clear space. No graphic elements may be placed within the clear space. The logo is created inclusive of the clear space and serves as a positioning aid for the user.

Orientation and visual alignment

Particularly for text elements that are positioned close to the logo, ensure that there is a visual alignment, starting with the “eta” logotype.


The logotype “A METZ HOLDING COMPANY” or “METZ HOLDING COMPANIES” completes the corporate brand and creates a link with the umbrella brand (METZ HOLDING). If several subsidiary or affiliated companies appear together, the “holding” addition is only required once.

Directly beneath

The add of “holding” is a central part of the eta plus logo. The complete logo can be used in accordance with the guidelines for design and usage.

On one page

In addition “holding” can be positioned separate from the eta plus logo – on the same page with a clear distance from the corporate logo.

In combination within the corporate group

If companies within the corporate group appear together, the “holding” addition is necessary. “Holding” can appear on the same page separate from the corporate logo. Brands may only be combined on the same level. This means that only the “IST” brand (without “metz”) may not be combined with the eta plus corporate brand.

Reference to Metz Holding

If documents or advertising material refer to the entire group of companies or if the identity of the company with METZ HOLDING is to be emphasised – for example in job advertisements – the brand + brand icon of the production facilities must be used. The Metz Holding companies are to be placed in addition to the primary logo and do not replace it.

Colour versions

Give preference to the multi-coloured version on a white background to achieve maximum recognisability.

Brand icon


The brand icon of the eta plus symbolises two sine waves which represent the physical orientation of the company.


If possible, the bullet points are used as single waves in advertising communication, which are derived from the brand icon. Websites and Word documents (flyers, technical documentation) already use this as a template.

Style element

The brand icon can be used in an abstracted form as a style element in all types of variations across all media. The bent bars are also available as style elements in the Ultramarine-Blue > Yellow-Green > Ultramarine-Blue colour scheme. The stripes symbolise light rays and create a link to the IST umbrella brand.