The dark Ultramarine-Blue is one of the two eta plus colours. In its imagery, blue stands for science and precision. The colour conveys constancy in a rapidly changing world.

Colour values

  • CMYK: 100/73/0/20
  • RGB: R0 G60 B130
  • HEX: #003C82
  • Pantone 287
  • RAL 5002


The bold, vibrant yellow-green is the second eta plus colour. Green is used to differentiate and evokes associations of liveliness and growth. It stands for result-driven and forward-looking action. The colour is in line with eta plus environmental technology, where UV light is used to disinfect wastewater.

Colour values

  • CMYK: 30/0/100/0
  • RGB: R200 G210 B0
  • HEX: #C8D200
  • Pantone 382


The third eta plus colour is Silver-Grey. The colour does not dominate but conveys a matter of course and reliability. The colour can be used in addition to Yellow-Green and Ultramarine-Blue.

Colour Values

  • CMYK: 0/0/0/50
  • RGB: R157 G157 B157
  • HEX: #9D9D9D
  • Pantone 422


Company typeface

DIN Offc Pro is the corporate typeface of eta plus and is used for all internal and external documents, as far as it is technically possible. The font is available in the typeface weights bold, regular and light. The company typeface is set as the default in Microsoft Word and is to be used for all written (even digital) documents, ideally in the size 12 pt.


E-Mail communication

The default font and size can continue to be used in e-mails to guarantee that the e-mail is also correctly presented at the recipient.

Font set

DIN Offc Pro includes the Latin font set and is therefore used for virtually all applications. A font st other than the Latin font set must be used for certain target regions (e.g. China). The font “Noto” is used.


The headings are set to bold with the font DIN Offc Pro Bold. The headlines are supported by a subline in print and web. This is to be set with a significantly lower font size and in standard script.

Continuous text

Continuous text and its headings are to be set in standard script. The continuous text headings are set to bold with the font DIN Offc Pro Bold.