Power electronics for electric vehicles


We are reinforcing our production network and will in future also produce innovative solutions in the field of DC charging technology for electric vehicles as well as battery and power management.. Ambibox GmbH from Mainz has been developing these highly innovative power electronics for the past six years.


Thanks to the collaboration between these two companies, customers will be able to access DC charging technology in the form of 11 kW and 22 kW wallboxes. Apart from faster charging of electric vehicles, these enable the integration of a photovoltaic unit as a power generator as well as the recovery of energy in Li-Ion battery systems or other household energy consumers. “With eta plus, we have found a strong partner who actively assists us in all areas to harness our joint market opportunities”, says Manfred Przybilla, Managing Director of Ambibox GmbH.


Both Companies have a great deal of expertise when it comes to applying the latest hardware technology and developing the necessary software.


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